Elite grower and industry pioneer Josh D has tended the legendary OG Kush strain since seeds were hand-delivered to him in Los Angeles in 1996.



The Original: Josh D and OG Kush


Josh D’s star-crossed affair with OG Kush began in 1996 when his friend Matt “Bubba” Berger shared seeds from this now legendary cultivar. A budding LA-based cannabis connoisseur, Josh was experimenting with growing techniques in the Hollywood Hills and his self-styled indoor hydroponics system was a perfect match for the notoriously finicky plant.


The lanky, light-sensitive, low-yield Kush might have proved too fussy in lesser hands, but Josh’s plant-whispering know-how cultivated those first few seeds into the West Coast sensation it is today. Josh D’s OG Kush is not only the most potent, sought-after flower around, but has fueled a cannabis and pop culture phenomenon for over two decades.



California Grown and Crafted


Josh employs his revolutionary growing technique at Josh D Farms in Carpinteria, CA, where kelp-infused sea air helps to create the flower’s signature flavor and aroma. The 120,000-square-foot facility boasts a state-of-the-art hydroponics system and mixed-light conditions that allow the plants to flourish.


Each of flower is hand-raised, hand-selected and hand-trimmed. Josh D personally ensures that every bud lives up to its reputation of being the ‘Best of the Best’—our harvest technique captures the bud at its peak for maximum density and freshness and we only use beneficial bugs (never pesticides or herbicides) to care for the health of our plants, our customers and the environment.



Calyx Peak & Josh D


Calyx Peak Companies is building a family of premium adult use and medical cannabis brands. Central to our vision is quality, integrity, craftsmanship and community. No one embodies these qualities more fully than cannabis legend Josh D who has set the bar for the art and science of cultivation for over 22 years.



OG Kush (the OG stands for Original) is known for its pure potency which sparks an unparalleled expansive, inspired and long-lasting experience for new and veteran cannabis users alike. The plant’s genetics stretch back to the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan and serve as the cornerstone to countless Kush hybrids that have been inspired by its tried-and-true effect—a heady euphoric and energetic clarity with a full-body floaty feel.



The purest way to experience the full spectrum of the plant remains the original method—to smoke it. While myriad alternatives have emerged to enjoy cannabis, the majority of users still prefer to inhale. As legacy and purity are a hallmark of our mission, we are proud to deliver a heritage flower with unprecedented power.


OG Kush conjures hints of lemon citrus, pine and anise mixed with a pungent gassy aroma and earthy undertones.

Coming This Spring


We are excited to share a host of new products coming this spring. Look out for Josh D pre-rolls, extracted products and an expanded selection of cultivars crafted by Josh himself.

Cultivate Care. Enjoy Responsibly.


Josh D and Calyx Peak cultivate quality, integrity, craftsmanship and care for our community. That’s why we suggest being 25 before enjoying our products, when scientific research suggests that the human brain is fully formed and ready for prime time. Care for your brain. We do.