Q&A with the Author of a Book on Cannabis Etiquette

Lizzie Post, the author of Higher Etiquette and the great-great-granddaughter of legendary etiquette expert Emily Post, chatted with Vox about her book, and address topics from smoke, to terminology, to the sharing culture in the cannabis community. 

"I think what’s really awesome about that is that I’ve yet to meet a cannabis consumer that didn’t want to welcome people to the community," says Post. "When there’s something that benefits our lives and brings us joy, we tend to want to share it, because not only will we have more people to enjoy it with, it might also benefit them. Someone I’m really close to has started using CBD, and it’s changed his life. Now he’s dying to spread the word. To me, welcoming people in is so innate, and part of the fabric of this culture. I found that really beautiful.

Read the conversation here.