L.A. Bites: India Jones Chow Truck

Going out for a good Indian meal often means waiting for a table, waiting for your food to be served, or waiting on line at a buffet while leisurely lunchers slowly dish out their vindaloo.

When we’re looking to chill on the comedown, the last thing we want is any of that. (Especially having to serve ourselves.)

That's why we especially love India Jones. Their complicated orchestra of smells creates a sensory experience in and of itself, and their mouth-watering takes on Indian street food (as well as traditional curries and more) are just how we want them: quick, portable, and with layers of taste.


Don't miss:

The Taco Chaat (blue corn tacos topped with chutneys and chickpea vermicelli) and the “Frankie,” their version of a burrito.

Where to find it:

IndiaJonesChowTruck.com or 310-310-3964. (It's often parked in Food Truck Alley in Santa Monica.)


By Nicholas White