L.A. Destination: Griffith Park Trails


Todos Los Angeles. Translation: Everything L.A. That’s what we love to see when we reach the top of the Griffith Park Trails and look south over the city—it’s one of our favorite ways to capture the energy of Hollywood life without the direct assault on our patience and nerves.

The 4,310-acre park is one of the largest urban wilderness areas in the U.S., and as soon as we hit the trails, the earthy smells instantly give us a renewed vitality. We’re all for following the Bronson Canyon Trail to the top—not because it’s within close distance of the Hollywood Sign, but for the mind-blowing views that stretch for miles. They help us reflect, feel inspired, and relax. It’s is an ideal place for a chilled-out, blissful afternoon with few interruptions.

For more info: laparks.org/griffithpark