L.A. Music: Knower

When we're in the mood to give a fun hang some extra exuberance, Knower’s music provides. The duo's work—including their YouTube videos—overflows with such a high-spirited energy and irreverent humor, that it has the effect of making us simultaneously dance and laugh. Hard.

At their core, drummer/keyboardist Louis Cole and vocalist Genevieve Artadi, who studied jazz at L.A.-area colleges, are all about electro-funk. But their adventurous sound smashes so many boundaries (they touch the margins of pop, rock, and jazz) that labeling them as one thing just doesn’t do them justice.

In fact, if Knower is playing in your neighborhood, we recommend seeing them live. Their performances are charismatic, verging on outrageous, complete with non-stop grooves as Artadi dances frenetically and Cole augments his normal roles with rapping, funny stage banter, and wacky centerstage choreography.

Get a Taste

“Overtime” is both a funky club track espousing the benefits of true love and a vehicle for great solos and tight group improvisation. (The video also shows off their obsession with quirky artifacts that will usher in nostalgic feels.) You’ll hear why Knower appeals to music nerds, but as your head, booty, or some other body parts starts to move, you’ll also feel the true power of their talent.