These Artists are Getting Creative with Cannabis

Savina Monet

Savina Monet

“The consumption of cannabis inspires creativity, so why not create art based upon it?” —Artist Jarid Fryer  

Cannabis has influenced artists for centuries. With expanding cannabis legalization spreading across the United States and other nations including Canada, we're psyched to see more and more artists publicly embracing their cannabis usage. Using weed as a medium—whether as pure depiction or manipulating the actual plant—has been a natural part of that evolution.

Meet four artists who have tapped cannabis as their muse.

Savina Monet

Savina describes herself as "just a stoner fighting the stigma" and the "self-named queen of cannabis collages."

How Cannabis Inspires Her

"I think the journey to normalize weed is what really inspires me. From the first introduction and then prohibition in the '40s, to the War on Drugs in the '80s and '90s, to today, it's incredible to see how much the plant's biology has changed and how different people see it. After smoking socially and getting to know more folks that use it medicinally, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for weed and other healing herbs."

What's Next

"I have a really great project that I'm working on right now, but I have to keep it under wraps for a little bit longer. I'll just hint and say if you are in Seattle or Portland, you'll see it. Other than that, I was asked to curate a smoking lounge for The Summer Fair with the proceeds of any art sold going to NuLeaf Project PDX, a non-profit that focuses on equity within the cannabis industry."

Where To Find Her Work

"You can always see what's hot and new on my Instagram. I also do some secret apparel drops on and my Etsy shop."


This Medway, Mass.-based artist (co-owner of the local Visions Gallery) loosely refers to his work as “Modern Psychedelicism.” It's been exhibited in galleries across the country and featured in several art publications. 

How Cannabis Inspires Him

"I have been inspired by cannabis since my early teens, obviously from the euphoric states it provides. Though as I got older, I began to notice the heightened states of awareness and acute sense of observation that would, at times, enhance my creativity. I believe it contributed to my creative path towards Surreal and Visionary art."

How Cannabis Helps His Creative Process

"I find at times that consuming cannabis will bring about interesting conceptual ideas or bring me deeper into the creative zone during art making."

Where To Find His Work

Visit and his Instagram.

Jen Pruitt

She's a jewelry designer who started her business on, naturally, 4/20/2014. She makes cannabis-filled ear tunnels (see below), cufflinks, pendants, and more.

How Cannabis Inspires Her

"Weed has inspired me from the very first time I ever consumed. I was on my patio, in Las Vegas, looking out at the nearby mesa. Being a teenager and all, I had been smoking in the storage closet. When I stepped out after blazing, it was sunset. I still remember it as one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life. I sat there and watched it with wonderment." 

Why She Makes Cannabis Art

"I decided to use weed in my art after realizing how many people out there didn’t know how beautiful the cannabis flower truly is. Even the staunchest critic of our plant can’t deny it’s a diverse plant with unique beauty. By doing this, I hope to break down the stigma of use, one person at a time."

How Cannabis Helps Her Creative Process

"I like to smoke with the strains I’m creating with to feel that extra connection, before I start. I can’t have ashes around my work station, so when I’m actually creating I have a vape pen nearby or have some edibles before hand. I do my best work when I’m not feeling physical pain as well, so consumption is important to my process." 

Upcoming Project

"It will most likely combine custom gemstones and more herbals, especially smokable ones like lavender and rose petals. If you haven’t tried it, those are both great add-ins for an herbal spliff!"

Where To Find Her Art

"You can find it at I also set up occasional art show, concert, or pop-up shops in Arizona and Nevada, but California and Colorado are not out of the near future! I post about my upcoming events on my Instagram account and also on Facebook."

Green Garden

This Mexicana artist is also a mental health advocate.  

How Weed Inspires Her

"Creating is a huge coping tool for me and I think weed gives me the emotional distance to be able to create."

What Made Her Use Cannabis In Her Art

"I had been consuming for chronic pain and anxiety, and in 2016 I was sort of at the peak of my really bad health journey. I was consuming a lot, so I started photographing the weed I was using and creating collages. I spent a lot of time with this plant, so it just made sense to incorporate it."

When She Consumes Weed During the Artmaking Process

"Before, during, and after. I’m really good at not taking breaks, so having this really helps me take a step back and enjoy shit."

What's Next

"I’m working on a collaborative project in Mexico with Happy Organics, Cyntivee, and Mujer Cannabica."

Where To Find Her Work

"Right now you can find it on my Instagram and Bogart. In San Francisco, I have pieces up at The Vapor Room. Fifty percent of proceeds go to TGIJP and Justice in Motion."


By Christine Giraud