If you like everything about OG Kush but are ready to take it next-level, Dynasty OG is the one to try. It'll put your body to rest but give your mind a boost. Our newest offering, this is one you won’t find anywhere else. With roots in Colorado, this 85 percent OG Kush blend was originally a gift to Josh from a mysterious friend. We think it’s the closest in the Josh D family to replicating the heaviness of OG Kush Story. 



The dense layer of trichomes on the pistil-covered, pine-shaped buds hold the magic of Dynasty's best-of-both-world powers.



Open it up for an intoxicating whiff of diesel gas with brighter notes of pine and lemon zest. Because this varietal is pungent, it definitely lingers. Not one you can use on the DL.



Be prepared for prime earthiness, with some spice, black licorice, chocolate, and a splash of citrus.



The high comes on slowly, but expect profound results when it kicks in fully — you’ll experience a heavy numbing and get some deep body relaxation. Fans reach for it on stressful days and evenings when they want to relax but still carry on a lively conversation.


Much like OG Kush Story, Dynasty has a lively effect on the mind and provides an alert, cerebral energy that's great for creative thinking. Limonene, the terpene that gives it a citrus-y scent, helps keep your brain in top form, while a hefty dose of myrcene helps relax the entire body and take away those aches.

Dynasty OG
Cultivate care.  Enjoy responsibly.
Josh D cultivates quality, integrity, craftsmanship and care for our community. That’s why we suggest being 25 before enjoying our products, when scientific research suggests that the human brain is fully formed and ready for prime time. Care for your brain. We do.
Note to new users: The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in OG Kush varietals are profound. You may experience heightened effects, so ease into this slowly with a very small quantity.