Ghost OG

Sativa-leaning hybrid 3

Lineage: OG Kush variant



Ghost OG contains all the classic attributes and potent effects of OG but with a slightly sweeter finish. Once a cutting of Josh's original OG Kush, this varietal began expressing different characteristics from its parent plant when folks began growing it in the Pacific Northwest. Two decades of growing it up north using different cultivation techniques resulted in what is commonly believed to be epigenetic changes (that is, changes to the way the plant expresses its genes, rather than direct alteration of its DNA). Ghost eventually developed slightly larger buds with a sweeter flavor profile. The name comes from Josh's friend, Ghost, who gave the transformed cutting back to Josh when they were introduced just a few years ago.



Ghost OG buds feature large, lime green diamond-structured nugs, which are covered with amber-hued pistils and a thick, frosty coating of trichomes.



It’s well-known for being gassy, sweet, and distinctly citrusy. Spend a little time with it, though, and you’ll be met with undertones of pine and earth that are indicative of an OG Kush cultivar.



The candy-sweetness of its lemon (and slight lime) flavors are tempered by earthy and pine notes finishing with heavy spice and fuel on the exhale.



Unlike other OG strains, Ghost doesn’t have strong sedative effects. This may be due to the fact that it contains a higher proportion of a terpene called limonene, a compound that has a stimulating effect. Another potent terpene called myrcene helps to dull pain and relax the muscles.


Most users are immediately washed over by a sense of uplift and elation after they take their first hit, which is followed up by a sense of relaxation and diminished stress.


Cultivate care.  Enjoy responsibly.
Josh D cultivates quality, integrity, craftsmanship and care for our community. That’s why we suggest being 25 before enjoying our products, when scientific research suggests that the human brain is fully formed and ready for prime time. Care for your brain. We do.
Note to new users: The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in OG Kush varietals are profound. You may experience heightened effects, so ease into this slowly with a very small quantity.