Image by Alex Rauber (@og.kodachrome)

Elite grower and industry pioneer Josh Del Rosso has cultivated the OG Kush varietal since the mid-1990s and helped launch this potent plant to legendary status. 

Josh’s OG Kush not only became the very fabric of L.A. cannabis and pop culture, it fueled a west coast phenomenon for two decades.

Josh’s affair with OG Kush began in 1996 when his friend Matt “Bubba” Berger shared a cutting from this now legendary varietal.

A cannabis cultivator, Josh knew pure potency when he experienced it. The gorgeous diamond-studded flowers of OG Kush put off a dynamic, layered aroma so unique, with effects so equally rare, that Josh and his underground cannabis crew became determined to dial in techniques to grow this one-of-a-kind plant.

Josh’s OG Kush—the OG stands for Original—caught on like wildfire and became the most potent, sought-after flower around. Thanks to its wild popularity, and Josh’s need to keep his identity on the down-low due to Prohibition-era privacy concerns, very few knew the man, or the crew, behind OG Kush. His very existence became an L.A. urban legend.

Today, with the legalization of cannabis in California, Josh is living out his dream to leave a lasting legacy in the cannabis world. His passion for the flower is boundless and he now grows several varietals at Josh D Farms in addition to the original OG Kush, which is now available at dispensaries as OGKS.