OG Kush fueled a cultural phenomenon in L.A. when it arrived on the West Coast in the mid-1990s, and has served as a cornerstone of cannabis culture ever since. And for good reason—OG Kush (OG stands for Original) is pure potency which sparks an unparalleled expansive, inspired and long-lasting experience for new and veteran cannabis users alike.


The plant’s genetics stretch back to the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan and serve as the base of countless Kush hybrids that have been enhanced by its tried-and-true effect—a heady, euphoric, and energetic clarity with a full-body floaty feel.

When Josh received a Kush cutting in 1996, it was love at first toke. Having traveled the world in search of the finest sinsemilla, he knew potent cannabis. The plant produced effects so rare, Josh realized instantly that he had to grow it.

It was a catalytic time for indoor cannabis cultivation in California. The medical marijuana initiative, Proposition 215, had just passed and Josh and his crew of underground cannabis growers in the Hollywood Hills and parts of the San Fernando Valley were in pursuit of indoor hydroponic perfection. With the precious Kush now in their midst, they committed to sharing information, equipment and know-how. Their breakthrough techniques proved a perfect match for the finicky, hard-to-grow, low-yield Kush.

The crew’s love and devotion has paid off in spades. By Josh’s estimation, millions of cuts have been made from clones that stem back to his original plant. Today when you enjoy Josh D’s OG (which is now sold as OGKS under the Josh D brand), you’ll experience the result of over two decades of care and cultivation. As legacy and purity are a hallmark of our mission, we are proud to deliver a heritage flower with unprecedented power.

We are proud to work with this cultivar exclusively, and currently offer the following varietals

 Ghost OG   |  OGKS   |  ORyan OG  |  Pure Kush