OG Kush Story

Indica-leaning hybrid 3

Lineage: Emerald Triangle x Hindu Kush



Now called OG Kush Story (OGKS), this is the original OG Kush strain that started it all.  Featuring Josh’s original genetics, it is considered one of the most unique cannabis varietals to come on the scene in the past two decades. After originating in Florida in 1991, this accidental cross of Hindu Kush and Emerald Triangle made its way to California when Josh’s friend Matt Berger brought a cutting to Los Angeles. Realizing its potential, Josh gave his full attention to perfecting it, and his success changed the cannabis genome forever. OG Kush’s distinctive hard buds, gassy aroma, and potent impact outweighed the fact that it was a low-yielding plant that was challenging to grow. Over time, Josh shared the variety with others in the underground cannabis community, while taking care to protect the plant’s original genetics. OG Kush spawned numerous now-famous varieties such as GSC, Zkittles, and Gelato, eventually spreading its genetic influence worldwide. To this day, it is regarded as the plant that brought potency and a distinctive aroma to the modern cannabis experience.



Beautiful, diamond-shaped buds and copious greasy trichomes are the most notable qualities of this unique cultivar. The stacked, swollen bracts glisten with ripe, resin-filled trichomes. You'll also notice a very low leaf to bract ratio and a dense flower structure. 



The first noseful almost shimmers with gasoline potency and robust earthiness, clearing to reveal sweet underlayers of citrus and pine.



The classic skunky, earthy inhale of OG Kush Story is followed by hints of white chocolate, black licorice, and citrus spice on the exhale. All these flavors coalesce to leave a taste that lingers on the lips long after smoking.



OG Kush Story comes on quickly, producing a relaxed euphoria that begins in the head and works its way through the body. Many people describe feeling their necks, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, and toes relax and report consistent pain reduction. 


OG Kush Story delivers a broad entourage effect due to the interaction of terpenes and cannabinoids.  The broad range of terpenes and high levels of total cannabinoids gives this variety its unique versatility in both its end effects and how the cultivators at Josh D use it to create variations on the strain. High levels of myrcene relax the muscles, reduce pain, and enhance sedation. Limonene, the terpene that gives this strain a lemony scent and taste, brings on euphoric effects and delivers the added bonus of protecting the brain from the short-term memory effects of THC.


Though calming and slightly sedative, OG Kush Story can still induce a spirited, talkative feeling that invigorates your thoughts and inspires social connection. Due to its serious potency, we recommend that beginners take it slow.

 OGKS bud

Cultivate care.  Enjoy responsibly.

Josh D cultivates quality, integrity, craftsmanship and care for our community. That’s why we suggest being 25 before enjoying our products, when scientific research suggests that the human brain is fully formed and ready for prime time. Care for your brain. We do. 

Note to new users: The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in OG Kush varietals are profound. You may experience heightened effects, so ease into this slowly with a very small quantity.