ORyan OG

Sativa-leaning hybrid 5

Lineage: OG Kush variant



With its large, dense buds, this varietal is special to Josh, who named it after a close friend and fellow cultivator who passed away. Just like any good workmate, it'll give you an emotional pick-me-up and inspire creativity and connection. Like Ghost OG, this varietal stems from the original (OG Kush Story), but has expressed some new characteristics after being under different growing conditions and nutrients for 10+ years.



Behold a perfect cannabis specimen: The large, dense flowers are covered in thick, super sticky, greasy trichomes that produce candy-like terpenes.



This pungent flower will fill the air with the tell-tale diesel dank. Break it open to experience a blast of the earthy, citrusy notes typical of OG Kush.



The classic flavors abound: It's earthy, even woody, with a touch of lemon and raw sugar. There is a sweetness to this variety. 



The ORyan experience is uplifting and inspires the imagination, without making you feel the need to take a nap. In a nutshell: It’s OG Kush Story light.


The synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes, the compounds responsible for both aroma and effects, act to put you in a relaxed, yet creative zone. This strain’s high percentage of the terpene myrcene helps to reduce pain and relax your muscles, while limonene, the terpene that gives this strain its citrus scent, boosts your thinking power and keeps you from nodding off. 


Enjoy ORyan when you want a clear-headed energy to connect with friends, collaborate with peers, or take on a creative project.


Note to new users: The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in OG Kush varietals are profound. You may experience heightened effects, so ease into this slowly with a very small quantity.